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Top Real Estate Blog Platforms


Over the years, I have worked with many real estate agents. I have become very familiar with the many real estate blog platforms available. Here’s my take on which ones are the best and why.

Since I work on the content side of things, I am a bit bias to the platforms I find easiest to work with. However, I also know why some of my clients have hired me for content migration when moving from one platform to another.


WordPress Blog Platform

While WordPress isn’t specifically a real estate blog platform, it’s by far the best blogging platform on the planet. I have watched many of my clients go from other real estate blogging platforms to WordPress because of the customization, ease of use and features offered.

In my opinion, @WordPress is the gold standard for #blogplatforms. Share on X

In my opinion, WordPress is the gold standard for blog platforms. I know it very well and the platform offers everything a real estate agent needs when paired with the right theme and plugins.

If you’re just starting a real estate website or you want to make sure you have the right platform before starting a big push with content marketing, I suggest moving everything to WordPress. I can help with the content migration and while moving all your current content, I can even make sure your interlinking is done correctly.

With the right WordPress theme (Prime Location, WP Residence, Real Places, etc.) you’ll have a great looking website with the best built-in blogging platform out there.

Just about any hosting company you choose will offer WordPress free of charge.

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Sierra Interactive


While I don’t know the entire story behind Sierra Interactive, it’s one of my favorites to work with. I was just introduced to this platform last year by a client of mine and since have watched two of my clients move to Sierra Interactive.

It’s straight-forward, easy to use and makes quite a bit of sense. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the way pictures are uploaded and organized, but that’s a very minor thing. Overall, Sierra Interactive offers a great design for your website and a system that’s very easy to use.

I find it very easy to add content, complete on-page SEO tasks and add community pages within Sierra Interactive.

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Real Estate Webmasters


Probably the best-known of the actual real estate blog platforms, Real Estate Webmasters or REW has been around for a while. They offer a good choice and claim to work with the top 1% of real estate professionals in the world. While that’s a nice claim, their blogging platform is a bit basic.

It’s easy to use and not hard to figure out for a new user, but it’s not the best for SEO, nor is it the best for inserting pictures. They recently made some changes, which made it a little better, but I am still not overly impressed with the system put out by REW.

I have actually seen two of my clients move away from this system recently. From what I have gathered, you have to be willing to pay extra for features other platforms simply include. I have clients using REW and I am not able to schedule their posts for future dates, but I also have clients using this system where I am allowed to schedule posts.

They may be very good at lead scrubbing, PPC and a few other services, but their backend blogging platform isn’t impressive.

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Pro Agent Websites

Pro Agent Websites

While I don’t care for Pro Agent Websites much, it is a popular choice for real estate agents. However, I don’t think they offer the best design for SEO or a feature-rich backend. I have watched three clients move away from Pro Agent Websites this year and for good reasons.

It was almost a sigh of relief when the last client I had using this real estate blog platform switched over to Sierra Interactive. I handled the content migration and interlinking and Pro Agent Websites backend didn’t make it easy on me.

While it’s not a difficult platform to use, they don’t offer a way to schedule blog posts and it’s not the best system if you want control over your content. Personally, if I were a real estate agent starting a website, this would not be my first choice.

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I have worked with a few other platforms over the years, but these four are by far the most popular. For my money, I’d choose WordPress or Sierra Interactive as they both provide ease of use, plenty of control over content and incredible flexibility.

If you’re planning to switch to a new real estate blog platform, let me help with your content migration and interlinking. I can also create a complete SEO Content Strategy or provide Professional Real Estate Blogging Services to ensure you’re dominating your local real estate market.

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