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What are Super Articles and Why are they So Powerful?

A super article is a very long piece of content specifically designed to be the absolute best article based around a main keyword. I used a very specific SEO tool that allows me to craft your super articles to land at the top of the Google search rankings for your main keyword.

With the right keyword selection, you can take over the top ranking on Google for a variety of keywords with my help. See Below for the Full Process I follow to create your Super Articles!

My Super Article Process

I start by taking your main website keywords and running them through my SEO tool. This will help me to identify the right keyword phrases to target for your super articles. Simply put, some keywords will be nearly impossible to gain first-page ranking for, but the keywords I select for you, will give you the best chance to land at the top of Google and start enjoying plenty of organic search traffic.

After I have determined the right keywords for you (low competition with good search volume), I go to work on the content. My SEO tool will allow me to create the very best piece of content that will be longer and better than anything else out there for your keywords.

Your super articles will include outbound links to sources, along with internal links to other pages/posts on your website. This helps to ensure the very best SEO when you post your article.

Once the content is created, I will go through and do a full edit with Grammarly to help ensure errors are addressed before delivering the content to you.

I will also include my recommendations for how many images to add and the ALT tags to use to ensure the very best SEO possible. 

With every super article delivery, I also include a list of questions or super long-tail keywords I recommend forming regular blog posts around that can link back to the super article. This helps to drive even more SEO juice to your super article and gives you even more content for your blog. I will provide a quote for my services, if you prefer to let me create these blog posts for you, too.

What About Link Building?

My Super Article Service is not about building links and, often, you won't need any links to land on the first page of Google. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to see ranking with these articles. 

You can certainly build links to these articles to speed up the process and to help ensure you rank better, but it's often not necessary. Simply sharing the Super Articles on Social Media will go a long way. 

It's very common for these longer articles to attract a lot of natural backlinks over time. Bloggers and other websites will reference these articles as a source in their own content and link back to your website.

If you have any questions about Super Articles, please contact me directly here: behinger@writingbybenjamin.com