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SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Gain Higher Ranking with Our Organic Link Building Service

We Offer Small Business SEO Services using  White Hat Link Building

Affordable Small Business SEO Services

Small business SEO services are found all across the internet today. Not all services are equal. Sure, you can pay for cheap link building and get thousands of links. This might have worked in 2010, but it doesn't work today.

In today's SEO world, you need ongoing organic link building services to help you gain and maintain ranking. With the right white hat link building services, you can get closer to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing driving more organic traffic to your website.

At WBB, we specialize in SEO content, but we also have many SEO experts on our team. When you want to gain a higher ranking our SEO package for small business websites and our white hat link building services offer just what you need. 

Don't be fooled by cheap link building with low quality. While these types of links might give you a little bit of a temporary boost, they won't keep you growing your ranking into the future. Our SEO monthly packages give you a way to invest in your small business website and gain the organic traffic you've been dreaming of. 



Whitehat SEO Link Building Services

  1. We use your keywords to create fresh, scraped content from Google.
  2. Once the content has been scraped, it will be properly spun to create powerful content for link building.
  3. Content will include images, videos, and headers, all optimized to provide a powerful option for your SEO campaign.
  4. We use Tiered linking to give you the best possible results. Tier 3 links to Tier 2, which links to Tier 1, which links to your URL.
  5. Total of Tier 1, Tier 2, & Tier 3 links will be well over 1,000.

The Tier 1 links are built with fresh, uniquely structured, and optimized content. No post will be the same. This gives you an even more powerful link back to your URL.

Each campaign is drip-fed over 5 days and a complete list of links built will be delivered within 7 to 10 business days. Please allow additional time for delivery of reports when purchasing quantities of 10 or more campaigns.

  • Uniquely structured content
  • Generic anchor text used throughout
  • High UR / DA / PR links
  • All new links are indexed
  • Up to 3 Keyword and 3 URL per campaign
  • Discounts for Bulk Campaign Ordering

Order below: You will be able to adjust the number of campaigns once forwarded to PayPal for Payment

1 to 9 Campaigns

$25 Per Campaign

10 to 19 Campaigns

$20 Per Campaign

 20+ Campaigns

$17.50 Per Campaign

Monthly White Hat SEO Services

Gain a higher position on Google, Yahoo, and Bing with our Monthly White Hat SEO Services. Choose the package you prefer and invest in your SEO today!

All SEO monthly packages below use the following:

  • Result-oriented, White Hat SEO Techniques
  • Increased Ranking with Consistent SEO Monthly Packages (2-4 months for established sites, 3-6 months for brand new sites)
  • Use of top linking strategies with link types, such as Web 2.0, Social Bookmarks, Web Directories, Forums, Article Directories, and more!
  • Tier 1, Tier 2, & Tier 3 links will be used
  • Drip feed over 30 days for all packages
  • Complete Monthly Reporting
  • Incredible Results for Low/Medium Competition Keywords!

How fast will I see a higher ranking with your white hat SEO monthly package?

While we cannot guarantee any type of first-page or top ranking (no good SEO service can) you will likely achieve the results you're looking for within two to four months for older websites and within three to six months for newer websites.
This is based on targeting low to medium competition keywords. If you decide to target high competition keywords, it may take longer to see the results you desire.

SEO Monthly Packages

Target 3 to 5 low competition keywords


Target 7 to 10 medium competition keywords


Target 7 to 10 low competition keywords


Target 11 to 15 medium competition keywords


Target 3 to 5 medium competition keywords


Target 2 to 4 high competition keywords


If you need any other type of SEO services, please contact us at WBB@writingbybenjamin.com. We can offer many types of off-page, link-building services to fit your specific needs.