SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Gain Higher Ranking with Affordable SEO Packages

We Provide Both One-Time and Monthly Packages

We have a simple goal for all of our SEO clients, Get you to the Top of the Search Engine Results! Our team works hard to help you get more organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. 

Our clients see higher ranking and more than 80% of our clients have gained first-page ranking for all of their target keyword phrases. First-page ranking won’t happen overnight, but we guarantee you will gain better results in three months or we will provide three months of FREE SEO service for your website. 

Our Small Business SEO Packages include:

  • Detailed Ranking Reports – We provide full ranking reports with every single link placement made along with any ranking improvements.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis – When you’re not sure which keywords to choose, we’re here to help. 
  • Ranking Improvement Guarantee – If you don’t see positive ranking results in 3 months, we provide you with three months of FREE SEO. (Applies to monthly subscriptions ONLY)

We work with all types of small business clients in several industries including:

  • Dental & Medical
  • Real Estate
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Law Offices
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • And More!

Our local SEO services work great for any business looking to gain a higher ranking for the right target keywords. Choose your package below and let us help you gain a higher ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Our Top-Rated Link Building Packages

Basic SEO Package

1 Domain

5 Keywords

5 Tier-1 (DA20+ Guest Posts)

5 Tier-1 (DA70+ Web 2.0 Properties)

25 Tier-2 Authority Links

250 Tier-2 Article Submissions 

250 Tier-2 Blog Comments

250 Tier-2 Forum Profiles

250 Tier-2 Wiki Links

Completed in 12 to 15 Days

*Keyword Research Not Included

$77 Monthly

$97 One-Time

Silver SEO Package

1 Domain

10 Keywords

10 Tier-1 (DA20+ Guest Posts)

10 Tier-1 (DA70+ Web 2.0 Properties)

50 Tier-2 Authority Links

500 Tier-2 Article Submissions 

500 Tier-2 Blog Comments

500 Tier-2 Forum Profiles

500 Tier-2 Wiki Links

Completed in 15 to 18 Days

*Keyword Research Not Included

$137 Monthly

$157 One-Time

Gold SEO Package

1 Domain

20 Keywords

20 Tier-1 (DA20+ Guest Posts)

20 Tier-1 (DA70+ Web 2.0 Properties)

100 Tier-2 Authority Links

1,000 Tier-2 Article Submissions 

1,000 Tier-2 Blog Comments

1,000 Tier-2 Forum Profiles

1,000 Tier-2 Wiki Links

Completed in 18 to 21 Days

*Keyword Research Not Included

$247 Monthly

$277 One-Time

Platinum SEO Package

Keyword Research & Selection

2 Domains

30 Keywords

30 Tier-1 (DA20+ Guest Posts)

30 Tier-1 (DA70+ Web 2.0 Properties)

250 Tier-2 Authority Links

2,500 Tier-2 Article Submissions 

2,500 Tier-2 Blog Comments

2,500 Tier-2 Forum Profiles

2,500 Tier-2 Wiki Links

25 Facebook Signals

25 Twitter Signals

Completed in 21 to 24 Days

$927 Monthly

$997 One-Time

Diamond SEO Package

Keyword Research & Selection

3 Domain

50 Keywords

50 Tier-1 (DA20+ Guest Posts)

50 Tier-1 (DA70+ Web 2.0 Properties)

500 Tier-2 Authority Links

5,000 Tier-2 Article Submissions 

5,000 Tier-2 Blog Comments

5,000 Tier-2 Forum Profiles

5,000 Tier-2 Wiki Links

50 Facebook Signals

50 Twitter Signals

Completed in 24 to 28 Days

$1,347 Monthly

$1,497 One-Time

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Other SEO Services

Keyword Research

We will do your keyword research and find the best keywords for you to target or your niche or business. You will receive between 100 and 500 keywords.


Competitor Keyword Research

Our competitor keyword research package includes keyword research, along with the ranking of competitors for the keywords, competitor PPC ad search, and competitor backlinks.

Includes 1 competitor


Keyword Research + Web Page Audit

We will do all the hard work for you and provide keyword research, competition research, and a web page audit with this package. We will show you the SEO errors and provide an action plan.

Includes 1 competitor


If you need a longer list of keywords for your niche or business, contact us directly at for a custom quote. We can provide up to 5,000 keywords, depending on the niche/business.