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Is Guest Posting Safe for SEO?

Guest Blog Posting for SEO

Are you a blogger, or do you have a website but you are not really happy with the traffic level that’s being driven to your website? If yes, then all you need to do is ask yourself a very simple question – should I invest in guest posting?     

The answer to this question should definitely be a resounding yes especially if you have got your head tacked on right and you also know your stuff.

So, is guest posting safe for SEO?

The answer is still a resounding yes. Even though there have been some speculations concerning the longevity and effectiveness of this specific inbound marketing approach, guest positing still remains an excellent way of driving traffic to your website and growing your audience.    

So, what exactly is guest posting? Well, guest posting simply means posting on a blog of another person as a guest. You simply give content to another person’s blog and then you get an external backlink in return to your own blog for wider exposure. This, therefore, means that guest posting is great for SEO.

Why Guest Posting for SEO Still Works

Guest Posting for SEO

Yes, we have all heard that Google has already declared that guest blogging is dead. But this is not the truth according to SEO experts. Such an announcement by Matt Cutts, the head of webspam at Google, was met with skepticism. But the truth is that guest posting is alive and very effective as an SEO strategy.

Guest blogging is a link-building strategy that is very prevalent in the Search Engine Optimization strategy today. Regardless of what Google may want people to believe, guest posting for SEO is one of the most highly effective SEO strategies.  One of the biggest things you should remember is that relevance is key and quality will forever outweigh quantity.  

Rules to follow

Still back to the question, Is Guest Posting Safe for SEO? We have already answered this question with a resounding yes. But for it to help your SEO, you should follow certain rules, which include:  

  • The focus of your blogs should be on quality and not quantity. In other words, it is helpful to contribute just one great guest post every month than 5 mediocre contributions
  • Ensure that you are contributing content to high authoritative sites as measured by known industry metrics and Moz Domain Authority
  • Verify that the site you want to contribute to is relevant to your site. For instance, if you have a sports website, then you should contribute marketing articles on other sports websites or the sites that deal with sportswear or sports information. Contributing a marketing article to a real estate website would definitely not be relevant.

While guest posting for SEO is a good strategy to drive traffic and expand your audience base, you should not overdo it. Otherwise, Google might punish you for it. Just do it responsibly. You can produce the odd one or two every once in a while.

That way, you won’t be in trouble. This is specifically true if there is a natural relationship between the publisher and yourself and that your expertise can benefit the audience of the publisher. 

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