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How to Hire Writers for Your Blog

Going by the number of individuals and companies advertising their blog writing services, you may assume that hiring content writers is easy-peasy. Contact a writer, explain what you want to be done, pay up and wait to receive your ‘expertly’ written article, just as promised.

Unfortunately, the situation on the ground is very different. Cases of poorly written articles, plagiarism, and later submissions, if at all, are common. Turns out hiring blog writers is not as simple as it sounds. Take time for some due diligence before committing your money. The pointers below illustrate how to hire writers for your blog.

6 Things To Consider When Hiring Writers for Your Blog

Hire Writers for Your Blog

Consider Experience

Just as an employer enquires on the experience of a prospective employee, you must also ask to see the SEO blog articles that the writers have written previously. If they can show samples of published work, even better. Check on the quality and the level of interaction that was prompted by the content. That should give you a pretty clear picture of what to expect.

How long has the writing firm been in business?

Longevity is a positive sign in any industry. Look at the testimonials and even independent reviews.

What do others say about the company?

A long-standing company should have plenty of positive reviews. Not to say that you should always ignore new writing companies though. We all start somewhere. Should they provide a convincing proposal, by all means, do give them a chance.

Peruse their Blog

Before you hire blog writers for your blog, have a look at what they have on their own blog. They don’t have one? They should! Now, look at the quality of their blog posts.

Are they well written?

Are the articles easy to read?

Have they been broken down into paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points, lists, and so on to make them easy to read?

If you like what you see, you can then trust the writers to create similar content for your blog. You can also borrow ideas from there. Writers are likely to present only the best styles and formats in their own blogs. If it worked for them, chances are it can work for you too.

Discuss your Brand

Remember even after hiring a blog writer, you retain the full rights to the content. You can use it wherever you need to, under your brand name. The people who interact with your content do not know that some else wrote it. They associate with you, and will possibly form the first impression of your brand. You must ensure then that the writers fully understand your brand and what it stands for. Their tone must mirror the brand.


You’re most likely on a tight budget like most small businesses are. Someone offering cheap writing services could seem appealing, but only at first. If you’ve tried using those bidding sites, for instance, you’ve noticed that some bidders are quick to entice you with low charges.

Their eyes are set on the quick buck, not caring much about your brand. The result is always regrettable. You’re likely to end up with such poor work that you can’t use anywhere. You’ll then need to start the hiring process all over again, spending even more money.

Our charges may be higher than those you’ve come across out there, but we can assure you corresponding value for your money. Try us today and see the difference.

Turnaround Time

Just like in pricing, there are those who will try to lure you with unreasonably fast turnaround timelines. But quality things take time. Superior content won’t be produced overnight. Accurate SEO blog articles take time to research, draft, write and edit. The writer should be in a position to take you through their writing process. The more detailed it is, the higher the chances of getting superior content.

Gauge the Communication

Hiring blog writers start with communication. From the very first contact to discuss your brand, and finally receiving the completed work. You’ll be constantly communicating back and forth. If the communication is anything less than fast and accurate, it’ll be a long time before the work gets done.

Here at Writing By Benjamin, we give our clients absolute priority. Any query or complaint that you may have is attended to at the earliest convenience. Click our contact page and one of our communications personnel will get back to you right away.

We believe you’re now well informed on how to hire writers for your blog. Once you find suitable writers, stick with them. Having already familiarized themselves with your brand, you can always be assured of accurate content.

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