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How Can Press Release Writing and Distribution Services Help Your Business

Press Release Writing

If you are new to digital marketing but are familiar with a traditional press release, you may be asking these questions: “Why should I hire an agency to do press release writing and distribution services?“ and “Why is digital PR an important component of SEO strategies?” “Read on.

Traditional PR vs. Digital PR

Press Release Writing and Distribution Services

Traditional press releases and press releases in digital marketing are written in the same way and for the same goals:

  1. Deliver a story that is newsworthy: company news, product launch, service announcements, and others; and
  2. Promote business

However, they differ in their distribution channels. Traditional press releases are distributed to members of the media. On the other hand, digital PRs are disseminated to influencers, journalists, bloggers, and online publications, including PR sites. Additionally, digital PRs include website links and keywords for SEO purposes.

To answer the questions earlier, press releases in digital marketing offer many benefits that align well with your digital marketing goals. Below are some of them:

Press release increases your brand’s online visibility

If you are not visible online, customers will not find you. So, part of your goal in launching a digital marketing campaign is increasing your brand’s online visibility. Publishing press releases is one way to achieve this.  

How? The more press releases that get published (particularly on high authority PR sites, news sites, and others) the more opportunities for you to be found and known online. The more they read about your brand, the more they get to know your brand.

To maximize your efforts for this goal, you have to incorporate SEO in writing PRs.

Press release helps build your brand identity and credibility

As you publish digital PRs consistently, customers, particularly your target audience, will get to know your business: who you are and what you offer. As you continuously deliver professionally written news stories and product or service updates, you are showing your audience how knowledgeable you are in your field and how they can rely on your expertise.

As you demonstrate the same expertise to journalists, online publications, and influencers, they may also pick up your stories. This all the more builds your brand identity, making you look more credible to your target audience. In the process, you encourage them to visit your website and eventually make a purchase.

Press releases offer vital support to your SEO efforts

One important reason you should consider getting press release writing and distribution services is the power of digital PRs to boost your SEO campaign. To explain, link building is one of the SEO strategies to build and improve link popularity and to rank high in search engine results.

When PR sites publish your online press releases, which include links back to your business website, you have successfully build high-authority links. You reap the same benefit when news agencies or media outlets post your story on their websites.  

Press releases boost site traffic

As mentioned above, you are including links to your website when you write your digital PRs. When your target audience sees this and they are interested in what you offer, they will eventually click the link that will direct them to your website. Therefore, the more links you build online, the more opportunities for you to drive traffic to your site that may eventually lead to sales.     

Press releases provide updates about your products or services

The press release is also one way to update your target audience about what’s new in your company. You can ask the press release writing and distribution services you hire to write about the business, and the products or services you offer, and how they provide benefits. By constantly providing updates, your target audience will know that you are an established business and that they are safe to transact with you.

Digital marketing agencies include press releases in their SEO strategies because these are known to be effective. Boosting online visibility and site traffic, and building brand identity and credibility are only some of the benefits digital PRs offer. With every business making that significant digital shift, it is but right to look for one that provides press release writing and distribution services like the Writing By Benjamin Team.

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