7 Tips for Getting Started with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the hardest social media networks for many to nail down. When it comes to Twitter marketing, it’s more than just sharing your YouTube videos, Instagram posts and blog posts.

Twitter marketing, it's more than just sharing your YouTube videos, Instagram posts and blog posts. Click To Tweet

With the right tips for getting started with Twitter marketing, you can be off and running in no time. The best part, you won’t need more than an hour a day and everything I am about to share can be done in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Let’s get right to it! Here are 7 tips for getting started with Twitter Marketing.

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Prepare to Share

We were all told, “sharing is caring” back in preschool and it couldn’t be more true than it is today with Twitter marketing. If you want to build a huge following, gain new subscribers, find new customers and truly connect with an audience on Twitter, you have to be willing to share.

With Twitter, sharing means retweeting someone else’s post or sharing it directly from their blog. I like to use a rule of about 60% of the posts to my feed are from someone else and the other 40% come from me. I’m not perfect at that ratio, but the point is you should be sharing more from others than from your own blog and website.

Another thing you have to understand when it comes to sharing on Twitter is to do it without expecting anything in return. If you retweet someone’s blog post and you expect they will do the same for you, it’s not really sharing. Instead, you’re stepping into the world of quid pro quo.

Share often and share generously. That person you’re helping today could be your biggest fan a month from now.

Target Your Audience with Hashtags

Using Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtags (#) are vital to your success with Twitter marketing. Out of all the tips for getting started with Twitter marketing, this is probably the most misunderstood.

Twitter isn’t Facebook and it isn’t Instagram. While Facebook doesn’t really utilize hashtags the way Twitter and Instagram does, you cannot hashtag your posts the same way on Twitter as you do on Instagram.

UPDATE: It’s now okay to use more #hashtags on Twitter than before because they doubled the character limit.

Often, you’ll see posts on Instagram with about 15 hashtags, which is far too many for Twitter. My rule of thumb is no more than 3 hashtags per Twitter post, unless they just happen to fit naturally.

Along with limiting your hashtags, you want to target them to your audience. If you’re in real estate, you should use hashtags, such as #realestate, #homeforsale, #YOURLOCATION and other relevant hashtags. You can even make it more targeted by using #luxuryhomeforsale, #historichomeforsale or #condoforsale.

The more targeted you are with your hashtags, the more targeted your audience and your following on Twitter will become.

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Follow Often, but Not Just Anybody

It’s tempting to follow a ton of people on Twitter to build up your following. This is actually one of the best strategies as about 25% of those you follow will follow you back. However, if you follow anybody, you’ll have an untargeted following that might not even care about your message.

Instead, you want to create a highly targeted following. Of course, people are going to follow you that don’t fit within your target market; we can only control what we can control. If those you follow with hopes of getting them to follow you back are highly targeted, you’ll have a more engaged following ready to gobble up what you have to offer.

This works for businesses in any industry, any location and any size market. Follow those within your target market and you’ll find they engage with you more often and they will actually become subscribers and buyers of what you have to offer.

Use Pictures in Your Posts

Shocking Images for Twitter

Have you run across the feeds on Twitter where not one image has been used? Usually, these Twitter accounts don’t have much of anything recent, unless it was shared automatically from YouTube, Instagram or a blog.

When you don't use an image on Twitter, you're cutting your potential audience down to about 33% Click To Tweet

When you don’t use an image on Twitter, you’re cutting your potential audience down to about 33%. Posts with images get clicked on and retweets about 300% more often than those without. Adding an image makes a difference and good, eye catching images are even better.

If you’re a real estate agent, this could mean sharing the most incredible picture of the home with your post on Twitter. If you’re in home remodeling, a powerful before and after picture might draw attention. Maybe you’re in the golf industry and you have some amazing pictures of your course. Those would go over very well on Twitter.

People on Twitter want eye candy. They want something eye catching, beautiful, amazing or shocking. While not every image is going to fit into these categories, if you can make your images stand out, you’ll gain more attention with your Twitter marketing.

Use the Right Tools

Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, you have to be super active on Twitter. There really isn’t such a thing as sharing too much on Twitter. The best Twitter marketers will share the same blog post a dozen or so times over a few weeks and may even share it months from now or years from now. Not only does this help recycle content, but it also gives you more eyes on your content from Twitter.

A post sits in someone’s feed for about 30 seconds on Twitter before they miss it. However, if you share it often and you get retweets, it could end up back in their feed over and over again. This gives you a better chance of catching their attention.

Sharing often on Twitter sounds exhausting as you're trying to figure out how you'll do it. Click To Tweet

Sharing often on Twitter sounds exhausting as you’re trying to figure out how you’ll do it. Maybe you’ll be glued to your phone all day or you’ll just have to babysit Twitter from your computer all day long. There’s a far better way that won’t cost you so much time.

The right tools make Twitter much easier to use for marketing. You can use a tool, such as Buffer for scheduling your Tweets and other tools to boost your retweets, such as JustRetweet. Both of these tools help to ensure you get the word out and help to automate the process.

Another tool I love to use is called Click to Tweet. This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add sharable quotes to you blog posts. It helps tremendously with engagement and getting your visitors to share little excerpts from your posts on Twitter.

Be Patient

Marketing Tips for Twitter

You’re not going to build a huge following overnight or see 100 new subscribers to your list in a week. Twitter Marketing takes time, but once it builds up, it will take off. It’s a bit like blogging because your first post isn’t going to bring you 1,000 visitors, but after you get enough posts, you’ll see the traffic roll in.

If your expectations are too high, you’ll quit before you reach the gold. Did you ever hear of the guy, back during the gold rush that quit 3 feet before striking it big? If he had kept going, he would have become rich, but he quit and someone else scooped up his gold.

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Don’t let someone else scoop up your gold. Give Twitter marketing a good, solid 6 months and you’ll see results. It probably won’t take that long to start seeing some traffic coming in, but you really need a solid 6 months to build up a targeted following, work your strategy and get a huge reach on this awesome social media network.

Say Thank You

Want to really connect with your audience and with influencers on Twitter? Retweeting is just the start. While this will likely get an influencer’s attention over time, you have to learn to say Thank You.

Twitter is full of bots and inactive people. Those active people on Twitter (there are millions upon millions) need to know you’re real. They don’t want any more automated crap. They want a real, live person they can connect with.

When someone follows you or retweets something of yours or something you shared from someone else, thank them. You can do this with a video or just by saying Thank You. I like to add their name to my Thank You, if they have it on their Twitter account.

There you have it! Seven tips for getting started with Twitter marketing and you can implement each one today. You don’t have to wait any longer and you don’t have to sit around wishing you could figure out how to market on Twitter.

Find out Why You Need Twitter Marketing with my FREE eBook by Clicking Here Now!