Twitter Marketing for Beginners: My Twitter Marketing 101 Tips & Tricks

When you're ready to start getting into Twitter marketing, you have to start with Twitter marketing 101. It's like a college course, but it won't take you nearly as long to advance through the levels. Twitter marketing for beginners can be highly confusing and difficult. Most quit before they ever see results. It's much like blogging in that way. In fact, Twitter marketing can easily be compared to blogging because both require you to set [...]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter Marketing

Are you sick of trying to figure Twitter out? Do you want to use Twitter for Marketing, but have no idea how to go about it? Below are five reasons why you need Twitter and a few quick tips to get you started. Of course, you can outsource this task to someone that loves Twitter and knows how to build an active, engaged following. Contact me at: I will take over your Twitter Marketing [...]

Top Real Estate Blog Platforms

Over the years, I have worked with many real estate agents. I have become very familiar with the many real estate blog platforms available. Here's my take on which ones are the best and why. Since I work on the content side of things, I am a bit bias to the platforms I find easiest to work with. However, I also know why some of my clients have hired me for content migration when moving [...]

7 Tips for Getting Started with Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the hardest social media networks for many to nail down. When it comes to Twitter marketing, it's more than just sharing your YouTube videos, Instagram posts and blog posts. With the right tips for getting started with Twitter marketing, you can be off and running in no time. The best part, you won't need more than an hour a day and everything I am about to share can be [...]

Importance of Community Pages for Real Estate Agents

I have written thousands of community pages for real estate agents and still come across some agents that don't see the need to put content up on their pages. Instead, they just include the MLS listings, which is good, but not good enough. If you want to turn your website into a true resource for local buyers and sellers, your community pages need to include much more than just homes for sale. The importance of [...]

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