Writing by Benjamin (WBB) provides high quality content perfect for gaining higher search ranking, sharing socially and attracting new prospects through inbound marketing. Over the past decade, we have evolved from a single owner/writer to a team of professional, native-American writers and proofreaders.

Every website and blog requires great content or it might as well be dead! High quality content not only enhances the look of your website/blog, but also enhances the user experience.

Imagine if you had an active community of followers/readers/visitors hungry for your next blog post. Could you turn your community into buyers and increase your profits?

“At WBB, we do more than just provide you with excellent content. We lay the perfect foundation for your inbound marketing strategy.” – Benjamin Ehinger — Owner of Writing by Benjamin

Google rewards great content. With our high quality writing, your website and blog gain the opportunity to land higher within the search engine results. Our content writing process includes:

  • Topic selection and title creation based on your specific needs
  • Extensive research to ensure accuracy
  • Excellent SEO throughout content
  • Preliminary spelling and grammar check
  • Preliminary proofreading
  • Final spelling and grammar check
  • Final proofreading
  • On time delivery

At WBB, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality content delivered on time. Our rigorous process includes spelling and grammar checks done by both the writer and a professional proofreader to ensure full accuracy. We even go the extra step by proofreading content twice for quality assurance.

“At Writing by Benjamin, we are on a mission to, use our God-given talents to fill the internet with engaging, worthwhile content helping to form a lasting connection between small businesses and their target audience” — Company Mission Statement


Benjamin Ehinger, Senior Writer

My name is Benjamin Ehinger. I have been providing content for real estate agents, insurance agencies, swimming pool companies, web hosts, home remodeling businesses, dental offices, website designers, SEO companies and many others for about ten years.

Benjamin Ehinger

Benjamin Ehinger

I have spend my entire life living in the United States and I am currently based out of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. After attending Baker College and earning an Associates of Arts Degree in Marketing, I attended the Golf Academy of America and received an Associates of Science Degree in Golf Course Management with a 3.92 GPA.

My background and strong research skills allow me to write about many different subjects. Over the past five years of full time writing, I have become a specialist in providing high quality content for small businesses in the real estate, insurance and web hosting industries. I have also provided a large amount of content for a few different swimming pool companies, home remodeling blogs and SEO companies.

If you’re looking for a high quality writer to provide blog posts, web content or other types of content, contact me today!